Saturday, September 1, 2007

You're my good night kiss...

You're my goodnight kiss and my morning smile.
You're my saving grace and a hand to hold.
You're my calm in the storm with a tender heart.
You're my cuddle buddy with a listening ear.
You're my sweet reminder that I haven't failed,
You're my second chance at a brighter today.
You're my big, strong prince; a loyal protector.
You're a reason to thank God for His precious gifts,
You're a constant encourager and a strong support.
You're a tingle that travels from my head to my toes,
You're a body I crave and a touch I can't resist.
You're the eyes I love to look into and the lips I long to kiss.
You're the arms that wrap around me that tell me I am safe.
You're the one I love to laugh with, even at my expense.
You're the one I hope to spend my tomorrow with.