Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happiness is a choice

Sometimes I let doubt cloud my sense of happiness and the things I value in my heart. I let uncertainty of the future ruin the trust I have in the decisions I make for myself.
Last night was such a refreshing epiphany for me in a situation i've been battling with a lot lately. I realized what truely makes me happy never stopped, I just stopped letting myself be positively affected by it. I have to just constantly remind myself to not doubt. Faith is such a strong entity of happiness.
I have been blessed with a wonderful person in my life, he's been my friend, my lover...always quick to lend a listening ear and look for ways to comfort me. I feel as though i've underestimated that desire in him recently because of self doubt i've had about me moving, and our future from here on out.
I'm confident in my choice to move away, but just as confident in my choice to spend these next months with this person who does make me so happy. And I trust us both to create a positive outcome from this situation we chose to be in.