Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A new day has come

Today marked a historic day for American history as we all know. This day held so many different meanings for so many people. While watching the inauguration on ABC today I saw the tears fall from so many eyes, the smiles, the look of hope and excitement upon the faces of such different walks of life. Old and young gathered to watch this history take place. Black and white. American and not.

As a critic of rhetoric, I watched in anticipation of what Obama would say in his first speech as our President. As a Republican, I had reservations as to what this day meant. As a conservative, I held uncertainty within me. As a citizen, I was giddy with the excitement of the history that I was watching. But as an American, I now have a hope that brings with it a peace and sense of serenity in the fact that our president will serve his country with a passion that has been lacking for some time now. The "energy" that was talked about so frequently by the reporters today is infectious and I hope it won't die out, but I hope that energy turns into drive and that produces action which in turn will bring results for our economy, our education, and for Israel. I hope to see those three things that are dear to my heart thrive in the presidency of Barack Obama.

I did not vote for you, Obama, and I will not so boldly use the words John McCain stated in his concession speech, for I will only serve my Lord, but I support you, and my prayers are with you.