Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Goes On

Hey there!

So I'm in Jacksonville enjoying the lovely whether and my last Spring break before I graduate college! It's quite crazy. I feel like I have a lot on my mind lately but have had a hard time finding a way to let it out. Usually writing or blogging is that outlet for me, but lately i've just been taking it to the Lord, resting in His peace, and things have been really falling into place. I'm am so grateful! He has been teaching me to think before I speak, take time for myself, relax and regroup when needed. And I am reminded that it is all in HIS time, and life goes on...

For the rest of the week I'm just enjoying the sun, great friends, spending time with my family whom I love so much, reading a good book, jet skiing, shopping, working a few days and just relaxing!! But I want to leave you with a video that a local artist here in Jacksonville just made. It's a Jasmine Rhey original, so please watch her video and keep your eyes open for her. She's doing a lot of amazing things around Jacksonville and performs regularly at clubs and venues. She definitely deserves a lable too!

Enjoy :)
Jasmine Rhey's "Life Goes On"