Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election fears

As today is Election Day, I am giddy in anticipation of the results that will show tonight who the president of the United States will be for the next four years. I had a difficult time coming to my decision in this election. I was excited that it was my first election I was able to vote in, but at the same time, I was frustrated and almost disappointed in the fact that this was what I was given. I didn't like either candidate. I was overwhelmed with a decision I felt unable to make.

In the early stages of their campaigns, I was very fond of Obama. Like everyone else, I got sucked in by his inspirational pleas for "hope" and for "change". Yes, I believe that America needs hope and a change. But do I think Obama will bring that? No, I really don't. I believe that the same people ultimately make the decisions for this country regardless of who's in office, and that what we have seen in the past eight years unfold in our country is no doubt a plea for a change and whether Obama or McCain are in office, we will see a change.

This election is monumental! Not just because we could have the first black president, or the oldest president, or the first female vice president - yes, all those things are great, no matter who they are, but I feel that this is a monumental election for more than those reasons alone.

This election is a call to action - not just to vote for the sake of voting and getting a cute little sticker and a free cup of coffee from Starbucks. This is so much more! I'm not doing any name calling here or accusing anyone of anything, however I feel that this is a crucial time for individuals to be able to test their ability to do some really strong character judgment.

Are we voting for someone or something?
Are we voting for a thought or a plan?
Are we voting for a man or an idea?

Upon coming to my realization that McCain stood up for the things that I felt most important, and realizing he can bring a change that Obama talks about without cease...I quickly realized that Obama was not my choice for president. To this day, election day 2008, I still get goosebumps when I hear Obama speak. I still think he is inspirational and definitely can get a crowd going. But that alone cannot lead a country.

And today it hit me...what if Obama does win the presidency? What if the majority of the American people have gotten swallowed up by that tone of change and hope? I am just now considering that even though I cast my first vote ever, I may not get what I want just because I voted. And just because there are record breaking amounts of people voting this election, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are voting for the same person I am.

So I am praying today that the American people who have so graciously voiced their opinion in one of the most memorable elections in America's history have followed their hearts and their guts and that God's sovereignty will blanket this country tonight as the polls reveal our future.