Monday, February 19, 2007

Another baby on the way...

I have a friend. Her name is Danielle. She's 18 years old. She lives in Philly and we visit eachother, once or twice a year, whenver we can. We've been best friends since we were 9 months old, when I moved here from Israel. Our parents actually knew eachother when our moms were pregnant with us.

Danielle called me tonight and left a voicemail on my phone and informed me she's 3 months pregnant. That means in six months she'll be a mommy. The wierd thing is it wasn't a shocker. She had said she had news, so it was either that or she's engaged, and for some reason, her being pregnant was more expected. She has been dating this guy Mark for about two years and they've talked about marriage.

The thing is that she's the fifth or sixth close friend I've had over the last 5 years that I've grown up with that has had a baby. But Danielle's not just a friend, she's not some girl, she's family, my sister. Just like Katy is, but when Katy got pregnant, she was the first one of my friends for that to happen to; it was my first time every having that kind of experience. I was fifteen and it was huge at the time. Now, having another friend get pregnant seems like no big deal, but what bothers me the most, what breaks my heart, is that Danielle lives 7 states away from me. We're lucky if we see eachother once a year, and now she's going to be giving birth in 6 months to this child. I'm not gonna know this kid. I'm going to China this summer for the month of July, I'll be back in the beginning of August, and then at the end of the month I'll be moving to Gainesville. I won't have the time or money to go to Philly. I won't see this kid, they won't know me. I'm not gonna be Aunt Gili.

It just breaks my heart that I can't be there for her. I want to be there. I want to be her support. I want to watch her belly grow. I didn't realize what a blessing it was that Katy was right across the street while she was going through this. I did'nt realize how much it meant to me for me to be able to be there for her through that time in her life. I can't do that with Danielle.

Please just keep Danielle in your prayers. That her family and friends who are close to her will be supportive. Pray for her safety and the baby's safety. Pray for a fullfilling and healty realationship between her and her boyfriend. Pray that she will be a wonderful mother. Pray for her to make wise choices along this path.

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