Monday, August 6, 2007

A breath of fresh air

This life is nothing less than extraordinary, let me tell you! Every day is something new, even when my days melt together from the summer heat and I grow bored from the mundane schedule of just work, and nothing more. I'm getting pretty antsy waiting on school to start back up again. It's been four months since I've used my brain I feel like! Having classes and homework and studying again will definatly help me get back into the swing of things.
This summer has been a great turning point for me. So much has changed over the last four months, some things i'm not sure if I can actually pinpoint, while other's are quite apparant.
The lifestyle I was living before allowed a lot of uncertainty and heartache in and those are things I truly don't desire to have apart of my life. I know there are still things I need to work on and accomplish before acheiving the fullest quality of life, but it's a process and I'm content with where I am at this point along the path.
There has been a shift in the people I've been hanging out with, the activities I've been including myself in, and the outlook on life that I have aquired/am aquiring. People will always come and go and I do look at every relationship, whether lengthy or not, an opportunity for growth, whether that person specifically teaches you something or you just learn from observing them.
I hope, myself, to be one that can reflect my life on others, where they can learn from me. I want to, in turn, be able to help others through what I've gained from them.
I don't want to use the cliche quote "everything happens for a reason" here because I believe that everyone creates thier own destiny. Yes, there is a higher authority, God has a plan, but you decide what you are going to do with those tools, those relationships.
So this blog is an inspiration for myself, to continue creating my own destiny, figuring out daily what I want to put into creating me! Yes, I'm only 19 and just wanna have fun and live life day to day, make mistakes and learn from them, and flow with the wind; but I also want all of those experiences to create a better me.
So, here's to creating our own destiny's.

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