Monday, August 13, 2007

New friend

So, this new person is in my life. He's wonderful, sweet, charming, good looking, caring, attentive, funny, responsible...everything I could ask for in a guy. We've been having so much fun, being silly, talking, doing a lot of fun things together without any expectations. It's a really good thing.
The no expectations part has taught me that I can be with someone and not have to expect them to be my everything. I can be with them and not fulfill thier every need. We can be together just because we enjoy eachother's company, not because we NEED eachother.
There is a high chance that this person may move away, which would ultimatly be the ending point of our summer fling (I never thought i'd have one of those!). He has a potential opportunity to move back home to be with his family and start a new beginning.
I'm writing this now, at this point of uncertainty, so i can say beforehand, before any decisions are officially made by him or any offers are made, i want to say that I support his decision no matter what. I want him to stay if thats whats best for him, but I most definatly want him to go if that is the better road he must follow. I don't want to be sad in the end, only hopeful of a friendship to continue from this attraction we've found. If we enjoy eachother, and this ends without any personal grudges, why not try for a friend out of the situation?
And...if he stays, I hope I have the strength to continue on this path of lighthearted attraction, growth, and trust.

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