Tuesday, August 21, 2007

new Plan of actions

Ok, so I know I've changed my mind a million times, but I'm allowed to! Its ok...so here's the new plan for school...I'm finishing my AA this semester at FCCJ, still applying to UNF as a back up plan, totally ditched the UF idea...but I'm going to pick 4 additional random schools around Florida to apply to, all over the state. I want to get out of Jacksonville for a while and I think this is the best time to do it. So hopefully, come January, I'll be moving...somewhere, anywhere!
As of now, the only other one i've looked at, but it is enticing, is University of West Florida in Pensacola. I know people who live there so I wouldn't be completely alone. Plus, ironically, after I looked at the website, I found out they're voted top 100 for Public Relations...how perfect! I just want to live somewhere away from here, somewhere beautiful, somewhere Different! I need a change. so....Please pray with me about this decision. It's kinda last minute considering this is in 5 months, i have to apply for these schools, visit them if necessary, get the money (applying for loans - its the only way moving away is gonna happen), get accepted, and decide! And, if anyone has any suggestions of schools to look into, please let me know! I'm not even really looking for big schools that everyone else we know is at, like UF, FSU, USF, etc....I'm kinda interested in smaller not big name schools around.
Good luck with school this semester to everyone who is starting/started!

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