Monday, September 22, 2008


I ended my relaxing weekend with the harsh reality that I am a senior and life is not easy. Let me back up a bit...

Josh had been in Birmingham for the past two weeks training for his new job (which, by the way, went really well and his boss thinks very highly of him). I was anxiously counting down the days until I could see him again. So, come Friday night, I jumped in my car and made the hour drive to Niceville and met him at his house to have a delicious steak dinner with his family.

While there, we attempted to go fishing, but the waves were a little rough. I think this picture is funny because he was not very happy about not having sunglasses on this very sunny day. My favorite thing we did over the weekend was take his eight year old sister Allie to Mellow Mushroom for lunch Sunday. She's a goofball and lots of fun to play with. She's kind of adopted me as a big sister because her older sister Ashley got married in May and moved to Texas with her husband who is on the Bomb Squad in the Army.

Unfortunately, I realized upon returning back to Pensacola this morning that my semester is going to be more demanding than I've led up thus far. I'm the leader of my group in my Leadership class which basically means I'm in charge of half of the class's progress and success in our endeavors to spread awareness about the Special Olympics. I'm leading the external group which is in charge of connecting the Special Olympics to local public middle and high schools and also fund raising. This on its own is equal to a part time job. Plus I have four other classes I'm taking, in addition to volunteering for Big Brothers, Big Sisters , doing Dance Club and Peer Education at UWF. I realized that financially, I'm not as set as I'd like to be. I have exactly enough funds to have rent and utilities paid for the rest of the semester but nothing else - so in addition to everything, I have to get some sort of job also. I just have to find the time! I really only have weekends available, so anyone have ideas for employment for me?


someoneuno said...

Don't worry about it. All things come and go. Everything happens for a reason... A bigger reason then what your wildest dreams could dream of.

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