Sunday, June 13, 2010

Time to face reality

So the last few months have been pretty crazy for Josh and I...we made the decision to move to Baton Rouge, then Josh moving for a month with us separated for 95% of that time. Then I had to quit my job, then we had the actual move, then I was traveling for the last several weeks, making it very hard for Josh and I to actually get settled into our new home and our new city. Not to mention a few weddings of some of my besties thrown in there ;)

Next month will hold lots of traveling yet again, but at least this time we'll get to do it together. We have my birthday weekend (the 4th of July) that we will be traveling for, then my long-time friend Katy's wedding in Atlanta, then Orlando with the love of my life Danielle and her boyfriend and their daughter Lilli....I still can't believe Josh and I have been together 3 years and Danielle and Josh have yet to meet! That will bring us to the last weekend in July (yes, that's every single weekend in July that's accounted for). Yikes, I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

In the meantime, I have run out of money and must get a job. I'm looking for something part time so I can officially take on the task of starting my own business. This makes me extremely excited but that's not to say I'm not insanely nervous at the same time. Yes, I'm afraid of failure. I'm aware I'm probably unprepared and unqualified. But I'm going for it! This is something I've wanted to do for 6 years now and I don't want to watch my life go by before me when I could be doing something I love and work for myself. Oh, to work from home and be able to make my own schedule, have lunch meetings with clients, exercise my writing, design an office, be able to work out every day....yeah, this is going to be good!

So, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I embark on this adventure. It may be a slow process but I am excited for what I think can become of this. If you know anyone who needs any PR work done, send them my way! Also, I'm taking business name suggestions - let's hear 'em!

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