Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Second Family

In addition to all the whirlwind of July (see my last blog), we had a Niceville family reunion. Josh is the oldest of four, just like I am. We both have two younger sisters and a brother, with the same girl-boy-girl pattern following us. Funny, huh? It was one of those weird similarities we realized we had when we first met that is just one of the reasons I think we are so good for each other.

Anyway, its rare that we all are together at one time, given that Josh and his sister Ashley (23) have lived away from home off and on again over the last few years, and his brother Jake (19) is a typical teenager in college who is always off galavanting around town with his film buddies. So, it was so nice that we were able to be back from Baton Rouge and staying with Josh's parents in time for Ashley and her husband Derek to come in town for a few weeks from Hawaii where they live.

Gotta love big families! Between both of our families, there are 11 kids! (Can't wait to get that picture at our wedding!)

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