Monday, January 22, 2007


Please tell me why I'm wearing this ring on my finger (my right finger that is, don't worry!). This ring was given to me by someone who loved me, who I loved back, very much, with my whole heart, my everything. This ring is now on my finger, I wear it every day. But this ring was not on my finger for a long time. Ok, so I lost it for a while, but during that time, and before, I had deliberatly not worn it for a while. I didn't wear it because I was hurt, I wanted to forget. I didn't want to care.

When I first realized this ring was lost, I was surprised at how upset I was that I could not possess it. When I found it after it being lost, I was surprised at how thrilled I was that it was in my hands again.

Two reasons I love this ring. Two reasons this ring is dear to my heart.

The first is superficial: This ring is a tanzanite ring. I had wanted a tanzanite ring for quite a long time. My mom had said she'd get me one for my Sweet 16, yet that didn't happen. I saw beautiful tanzanite in Mexico and had dreamed of having one of my very own. So for Christmas of 2005, I received one. It was special. But like I said, I really just wanted the tanzanite!

The second reason this ring is dear to my heart, the reason I wear it today, the reason I don't take it off, is because it is more of a symbolism than anything else. This ring reminds me that I once had a great love. In A Bronx Tale (good movie, check it out) a wise man tells a young boy everyone has three great loves in his life. So far, I've only had one. This ring reminds me that I am capable of loving and being loved in return, for this is one of life's greatest treasures. It also reminds me of true friendship. A friendship that is very dear to me, almost non-existant at the moment, but one that I will cherish until the day I die.

Tanzanite is my sweet reminder of a past gone and a future bolder than I can dream at this moment.

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