Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 11 - Fri. Aug. 21

So I finally visited Amsterdam today! After a relaxing day yesterday, Margot, Paul and I took the train to Amsterdam and met their friend Flores. We took a boat tour along the canals. After that, Paul had a meeting because he's joining a fraternity at the university he'll be attending in Amsterdam. Today he had to check in and got a list of things he needed to do/buy for their first frat meeting Sunday. So we helped him on his scavenger hunt and ran around Amsterdam picking up business cards from places and doing random things on the check list. It was actually fun because I saw parts of Amsterdam I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise. I went by the Anne Frank House but the line to go in was soo long and we were on a time crunch, so we're going back next week for the day to do some museums.
After we were done with everything on the checklist, we drove to get dinner then had dessert at this little outside place that serves Poffertjes, or small, puffed pancakes, with powdered sugar. They're a Dutch favorite, and quite delicious I must say!
Tomorrow is an early day so I'm off to bed!

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