Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 9 - Wed. Aug. 19

so today was a pretty low key day, as will be the next day or two, which is fine with me! We slept in, because Margot and I both haven't been sleeping well. We ate breakfast while each reading our Twilight books, I'm on the first, she was on the last. After taking it easy in the morning, we headed to an outlet here in Paris which was supposed to be really great. There was honestly no more sight seeing we could have done, and not a lot of walking i was willing to do. So i didn't buy anything really but Margot had the most amazing thing happen - and yes, it is worth blogging about!
Ok, so there was a winter jacket, quite beautiful, marked down to 119 euros. She decided she would put it on her credit card and it would be worth it. As we walk to pay for everything, he says the total is 90 euros for her entire purchase (several things, including the coat). She pays, excitedely, and we rush out the front door and start screaming. No way did that man just sell her an already marked down jacket that should have been 119 euros for, brace yourselves....12.5 euros!!!!!!!!!!!
So now you can imagine out excitement!! The man clearly made a mistake and later on Margot admitted that what she did was probably called stealing, but it wasn't her fault. And anyway, I made up for it later tonight because as we were getting off the metro, our last metro ride in Paris, to come home, I saw a guy trying to get a metro pass but the desk was closed. So I gave him mine and told him it was an unlimited pass that could be used until Sunday. He was very grateful and it made me happy that I could do that for him.
After the exciting shopping experience, we met Ileen at the British embassy here where her boyfriend works and they were having a staff party. So we sat and ate dinner there then headed home. Nothing too exciting, especially because it was excruciating walking around in 90+ degree heat all day. But I have to say, the most exciting part of my day, was talking to my sweet, handsome boyfriend on Skype. He is quite wonderful and I love and miss him very much!
ok, i'm done kfvelling about him. More about Europe later!

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