Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 5 - Sat. Aug. 15

Saturday was a great day. We took our time packing in the morning. Afer we booked our train tickets to go to Berlin next week, a part of the trip I'm very excited about, we hit the road and drove to Dan Haag where Margot's cousin Clair lives. She lives in the center of the city which reminds me more of NYC rather than a quaint, small, cute city like others I've been to since I got here. She lives in student housing above a shop in the middle of the city. There are 3 floors of students living in this building and she is on the top. We climbed 3 sets of very awkwardly shaped and sized steps to get here but it is the cutest apartment. She shares a bathroom and kitchen with the other students. We went to the Albert Hein and picked up some wine and frozen pizzas to cook for dinner, stopped and had a nice appetizer at an outdoor restaurant, then headed home and listened to music, danced and ate until midnight when we finally headed out on the town to a place called Danzig. It's down the street from Clair's apartment, and we danced there until 4 in the morning when my body decided to shut down and i was tired beyond words. We headed home then and slept until one this afternoon. Now we're hitting the road for a 6 hour drive to Paris. More to come soon :)

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